Frequently Asked Questions

  • We prepare all our food in a certified kitchen using the strictest standards, going beyond what is required by law.  We offer a contactless delivery with online prepayment.

  • While we do like our customers to support restaurants as well as our own business, it is still much safer and convenient to eat at home.

  • While we were planning on opening a restaurant before the pandemic, we already had some thoughts about the negative externalities of the typical restaurant business in the USA.  Once we got our start in the farmer’s markets, we knew that a traditional restaurant just wasn’t for us.  We feel that our local restaurant ‘culture’ has gotten away from what it originally began as, and has become much too excessive in the wrong ways.  The last thing DC needs is another restaurant!  In our opinion, it would be a good thing for more people to start cooking at home.  We prefer to work directly with good farmers to bring you nutritious and delicious food that is meant to be just as nourishing for us as it is for the soil where it is grown or raised.

  • We are a family business who buys food from other family businesses.  When you purchase from us, you are not just putting money in the pockets of some huge corporation who purchases ingredients from some other huge corporation.  Our business helps other small businesses, and we are very careful about who we support.  By supporting us you are also supporting farmers that take care of the soil and their animals, fisherman that take care of the sea, and other small businesses that are trying their best to work as responsibly as possible.

  • It is extremely hard to source ingredients and cook the way we do. There is a reason that restaurants don’t do it.  It is a logistical nightmare - and that is also why for the time being, we only deliver on Thursday.  This way, we know exactly what we need and have time to get that information to all of our suppliers and give them the time they need to produce it and get it to us.  Covid has completely destroyed the supply chain.  We don’t always get what we ask for the first time around.  Because we are using a lot of special and rare ingredients, we can’t just call someone else or run to the grocery store when an order comes in missing something.  We prepare the food directly for your order - it is fresh by necessity - so we don’t have any backup sitting around incase something happens.

  • Send us an email or give us a call.  We will always accommodate you if we are able to.

  • Write an email to let us know, we may or may not be able to accommodate but it is very important for us to discuss it.

  • We delivery every Thursday between 12 and 5pm, use the listing on the bottom of the site as your guide.

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